The Co-pour

logo-4webI’ve started writing again.

I suspect most of you know this already, but for those who don’t: Melissa and I have started writing down our thoughts about management and leadership in tech in a new Medium publication called The Co-pour. We’ve got a few dozen posts up already, covering promotions, firing, and several other areas we’ve seen new leaders struggle.

We have more in the works but here’s the current list, in case you’re curious:

I’m not shutting this place down, it’s still where I’ll write my letters to the girls, and anything else that feels right. But the organizational leadership stuff feels like a chunk of work that can live in its own place. And the collaboration with Melissa makes it important to me that it’s a place we built together.

Anyhow if that’s a thing you’re interested in following, and you haven’t found us over there yet, I hope you’ll take a look. Leading people is hard work, and we want to help where we can.

[PS to the Mozillians out there: Yes, it’s hosted at I’ve had to domain for years, for obvious reasons. This felt like an appropriate use of it.]

New Digs! (Correction)

After publication, I was made aware of some errors in my original post. I have included a corrected version below.

As of today, the Mozilla Toronto office has moved from our building at 20 Richmond to this little out-of-the-way place:

720 Spadina

The CN Tower! 720 Spadina Avenue!

We didn’t want to talk about it until everything was fully settled, but we are now residents of an architectural icon building with a pretty ridiculously excellent view door. Full props to beltzner for scouting out office space, and to ben for orchestrating the move; it’s been a crazy pretty smooth couple of weeks!

Some information about the new office, since it’s a little more noteworthy different than the old one. 🙂

Suite 12811

Q: What is the actual new address?

A: We’re now accepting mail at

301 Front Street, Suite 12811
Toronto, ON
M5V 2T6

720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 218
Toronto, ON
M5S 2T9

Q: Did that say 12811 218?

A: Yep. We’re a loooong way up.

Q: How do I get there?

A: There’s a stairwell. 🙂

Seriously, this can be a bit of a trick the first time is quite straightforward. If you come in through the usual entrance, you’ll be sort of pipelined into the “tourist” sections elevators of the tower. Those elevators won’t will go where you want them to, and the visit will end up costing you significantly more nothing.

Q. Do we get discounts for the tourist areas?

A. We do! As tenants we get basically a pad of discount coupons. Visit us first, and we’ll tear you off a few. No.

Q. What about the view?

A. Oh there’s a view. Of a brick wall. Unfortunately, we only have some cameraphone pictures from our move-in day right now, but we’ll get better ones up soon. In the meantime, here’s a taste.

Gavin checking out a conference room (and missing the view wall):

Closer view through some of the NorthSouth-facing windows (you’ll notice not care that these windows don’t open):

Ahh, April 1.  We really did move, and the new, second floor office in a normal office building really is a big improvement.  The rest though, is a big fat lie (and full credit to madhava for the photo work).  “720 Spadina”, “CN Tower” — the keys are right next to each other.

We regret the error.

Moving in progress?

So I have am migrating this blog to dreamhost, a really quite impressive web hosting outfit. The blog has, more than once in the past, generated enough traffic to destroy our personal internet access, so it seemed to make sense to offload it. The move went extremely smoothly though – worryingly so. This post is basically just here to confirm in my mind that everything is operational. Please drop me a comment if you spot this post so that I am reassured that people are finding it in its new home.

If it really was that easy, dreamhost wins even more points and I shall be filled with an emotion not entirely unlike glee. I invite you to join in.