Moving in progress?

So I have am migrating this blog to dreamhost, a really quite impressive web hosting outfit. The blog has, more than once in the past, generated enough traffic to destroy our personal internet access, so it seemed to make sense to offload it. The move went extremely smoothly though – worryingly so. This post is basically just here to confirm in my mind that everything is operational. Please drop me a comment if you spot this post so that I am reassured that people are finding it in its new home.

If it really was that easy, dreamhost wins even more points and I shall be filled with an emotion not entirely unlike glee. I invite you to join in.


  1. Dreamhost rocks. We’ve experienced a few issues with mail, but not enough to be alarming. They’re great about keeping us informed about ongoing issues — make sure you subscribe to .

  2. Looks good. Did you get my email?

  3. Yay. I found it! What do I win?!!?