Three Stupid Scripts I Find Useful


If I told you you could have one-click mac screenshots with automatic scp to a host of your choice and it could have a reasonably bad user experience and no keyboard bindings, well you’d just be all over that, wouldn’t you?

Yes, I know about grabup (and their recent departure), and tinygrab, and all the rest. I’ve used several of them, in fact. What can I say, I wrote this way back when, and still find it gets the job done. If you don’t want to hitch your cart to someone else’s image hosting horse (and associated ad spam/image expiry blah), you’re welcome to it.

It’s a shell script. It takes the screencap, does the scp, and then puts the URL on your clipboard. You’ll need to edit some bits. I find it irksome to run from the command line, so I wrapped it in a 1-liner applescript (do shell script "~/bin/sattap") that I can just click from the dock.

Rob wrote one of these, too. [UPDATE: And now catlee has “ported” sattap to linux.]

My macbook has the irksome habit, when I disconnect it from the external display and then reconnect it, of leaving all my windows on the tiny little 13″ display and not the hulking 24″ display I just connected, presumably for displaying things.

I borrowed a script from Dudehey on macosxhints to do the heavy lifting and then tweaked it to my particular preferences about which windows stay where. You will disagree with me, and hate this script; in fact, it won’t even work for you. But maybe you can make it work for you, if you care to?

Here it is. Open this in Script Editor – change it however you like, and then Save it somewhere as an Application, throw it on the dock, and hooray.

Rotate Page Bookmarklet

Okay, I don’t actually find this one useful, but it amuses. And you need some amusement."rotate(90deg)";void(0);

Go on, try it. (Yes, in Firefox.)

7 thoughts on “Three Stupid Scripts I Find Useful

  1. I was actually looking to rotate an application last night and the “Rotate Page Bookmarklet” comes pretty close to what I was looking for. I spent about an hour looking for ways to do it at the operating system and video card level and didn’t really think about rotating the page directly (the application was Firefox). This isn’t as nice as rotating the whole screen or application, as it means I have to rotate every page I go to, but it’s definitely usable. Of course I could make a Greasemonkey script to automatically rotate all pages onload.


  2. Rotating will be useful on Fennec on the Nokia N900 to simulate portrait mode on certain pages.
    Hopefully I’ll find the screenshot shell script useful on it also (when it eventually arrives)

  3. The rotation bookmarklet could be useful for images, but after rotation it should still be aligned to the top left of the screen. Is that somehow possible?

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