New in Firefox 3.1: Linkified View Source

Look what Curtis just did:


Curtis Bartley is the newest member of the Firefox front end team and, to get his feet wet, he made the world a better place by fixing a very old bug. And its 7 duplicate bugs.

Specifically, he set it up so that resources which are referenced in source are now clickable links.  Want to know what that external javascript does?  Click the link, and it will be loaded in the source viewer.  Likewise CSS.  Maybe you clicked “View Source” only to discover you were looking at a frame set, and actually wanted the source for a frame – that works too.

And yes, back and forward keyboard shortcuts work. And yes, both relative and absolute links work. And yes, you can have this in a tab instead of a separate window, either by sticking view-source: on to the front of your URLs (see?), or by finding one of the addons that does it for you.

Way to go Curtis, keep ’em coming!

21 thoughts on “New in Firefox 3.1: Linkified View Source

  1. If you can open it in a new tab there seems to be a consistency bug here, you can not simply middle click the “view source” option in the context menu.

  2. @Johnath haha, hadn’t seen your comment was already testing and filing, but thanks for the component names I can never figure out to put what in what.

  3. I can tell you now, this is going to be a very useful feature for me. It is my new most awaited. Great article.

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