New Digs!

[This post contained certain errors not caught at press time. Please see the corrected post here.]

As of today, the Mozilla Toronto office has moved from our building at 20 Richmond to this little out-of-the-way place:

CN Tower

The CN Tower!

We didn’t want to talk about it until everything was fully settled, but we are now residents of an architectural icon with a pretty ridiculously excellent view.  Full props to beltzner for scouting out office space, and to ben for orchestrating the move; it’s been a crazy couple of weeks!

Some information about the new office, since it’s a little more noteworthy than the old one.  🙂

Suite 12811

Q: What is the actual new address?

A: We’re now accepting mail at

301 Front Street, Suite 12811
Toronto, ON
M5V 2T6

Q: Did that say 12811?

A: Yep.  We’re a loooong way up.

Q: How do I get there?

A: There’s a stairwell.  🙂

Seriously, this can be a bit of a trick the first time.  If you come in through the usual entrance, you’ll be sort of pipelined into the “tourist” sections of the tower.  Those elevators won’t go where you want them to, and the visit will end up costing you significantly more.

Instead you want to take a hard left when you get in, and follow the signs for “Tower Offices.”  If you get lost, ask one of the tourist reps, they are (unsurprisingly) used to this confusion.  From the office elevators, it’s about a 70 second trip to 128, and we’re the 5th door on the right.

Q. Do we get discounts for the tourist areas?

A. We do!  As tenants we get basically a pad of discount coupons.  Visit us first, and we’ll tear you off a few.

Q. What about the view?

A. Oh there’s a view.  Unfortunately, we only have some cameraphone pictures from our move-in day right now, but we’ll get better ones up soon.  In the meantime, here’s a taste.

Gavin checking out a conference room (and missing the view):
New Office 1

Closer view through some of the North-facing window (you’ll notice these windows don’t open):
New Office 2

16 thoughts on “New Digs!

  1. WOW, pretty good.
    Wis h some day I can work there. But I’m a chinese, so far to me 😉

  2. You got some perspective-distortion field on your windows there?

    Is it ‘GIMP’ brand?

    Nice try.

  3. You’ve got quite a lean in the last picture, Are you sure the building’s safe?

  4. Now show me some proof this isn’t an April Fool’s joke (besides the hallway sign)! 🙂

  5. @Question – You don’t need to work in our buildings to help out with the mozilla project! Join us on or find an interesting bug in and pitch in! Did you know that we have an office in Beijing?

    @Matt – There’s a weird effect caused by the slant of the windows – you can see an external shot from beltzner’s post, linked to above.

    @Jeria – And it sways in strong winds! Re-assuring!

    @Decryptor – Yeah, as I said to matt, the angle of the windows (which the camera phone picture really doesn’t show, I guess) makes things look scarier than they are.

    @Cornelius – Heh, I guess I did post this April 1, so that’s a fair question – what kind of proof would you like?

  6. @Johnath
    Yes, Mozilla bejing’s office is quit near our office.
    And we are developing our product base on xulrunner.
    It’s my honor to spread Firefox to all my friends.
    I’d really feel great to work with all of your guys in both irc and mail list.

  7. Couldn’t you at least have gotten Jim Flaherty and John Baird and Stephen Harper to dress up in big red albertosauraus suits and greet passerbys at the base? How else will anybody know Mozilla’s way up there? (Well, maybe scratch the suits. People will still get it.)

  8. On that last picture, the city is tilted… the CN Tower is falling down.. :O

    Or you guys photoshopped it, clever…

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