Johnath on NSID Day 7A couple years ago, when I still worked for IBM, there came a point – about a week into December – when I realised that I had no more user lab sessions, no more customer travel – that I had no particular reason to keep myself presentable.  This was an opportunity not to be ignored.

I tend to shave pretty regularly, and I think people tend to prefer it that way, for the most part.  I do too, really.  But sometimes you need a chance to stretch your follicles and see what you’d look like if only.  And so, NSID was born:

No Shaving In December

I have been delinquent in not introducing the concept sooner, but in truth, the first NSID was not a full month long anyhow, and we keepers of the faith welcome late arrivals in any case.  Don’t view it as a contest, or a strict discipline, view it as an opportunity.

If you have to shave early because of some social function – so be it – consider resuming your hobo look afterwards if there’s still time.  If you have to shave it because it itches like an unholy FIRE, that’s okay.  NSID is not about judgement.  It’s about self-actualization which, unless I am sorely mistaken, and I’m not, is right at the tippy-top of the god damned pyramid.  It’s the gift you give yourself.

Know too that you are not alone.  I am here.  Robcee is here.  Beltzner and bhearsum and claire are here too.  Shaver defied the destiny of his very name to join our motley crew, and mconnor is a member by default.

We have a flickr pool.  You know what to do.


  1. Oh noes, another acronym to confuse with NDIS and NCIS. Or is it a interface name? nsID.idl?

    It would be a great name for a boy band covering C=64 music, though.

  2. Looks like you would have been in heaven in you were in Australia last month – last month was *M*ovember !

  3. You look less like my brother with that beard. That said, I’m in.

  4. I claim the Southern US region… Brave men hear me; defy civility and go about unshaven. At the end of it all we will make a length of rope, possibly a sweater, to commemorate a razor-free December. Tribute to NSID for my announcement of civil disobedience.

  5. oh noe. not again… :(=

  6. I should start preparing my wife now.

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