It’s On.

Firefox RacerAs announced Very Early In The Morning (EST) today, Firefox 3 Beta 1 is now live.

There is some appropriately scary text there about not downloading it unless you are a developer or a tester, and that’s good text to have, because we wouldn’t want people treating this like a final release BUT it’s pretty awesome, and if you don’t mind living a little bit on the edge, you should check it out.

There are a ton of changes, and as I’ve said here before, a lot of them are subtle.  I want very much to point out a bunch of them, but I also don’t, because I want to know what unprimed minds think of it.  I’ll leave it up to you – if you want to see a (non-exhaustive) list of the kinds of changes we’ve made, you can check the release notes.  If you don’t, skip straight to the announcement and grab a copy.

Once you’re on the beta, you’ll get updates as new betas come out, just like you do with Firefox 2 when we release security and stability updates.  Running the betas and letting us know what you think is a great way to help the project, even if you’ve never tried programming.  You’re a human and a web user, that’s as much expertise as we need.

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