FoxKeh!  On the world!I don’t normally blog about my work travel here, because what are you gonna do, come with me?  This one’s different though.

I’m flying out to SFO tomorrow morning (oh AC757, we’ve really gotten to know each other, haven’t we?) in anticipation of Mozilla24, a 24-hour all-mozilla, all-the-time conference at which I will be speaking amongst a group of shockinglymoreawesome people.  I will be talking about security UI, natch, and I would love to see all your smiling faces (though I’ll forgive the folks who saw the OSCON version for having their laptops open).

One of the many cool things about Mozilla24 is that it’s global – California, Tokyo, Thailand, and Paris, sure, but also online – so that if you are interested in the open web, and the directions we can take it, or if you’re just getting your feet wet, you can get involved.

Go sign up!  Why not get into the thick of it?  I’ll wait here.

PS – The blog photo here, Foxkeh, and indeed the whole Mozilla24 shebang, comes from Mozilla Japan.  They’re trying to make the rest of us look bad, bringing their A game.  Their A++++ OMG WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN WOW game.

2 thoughts on “Mozilla24

  1. Dear Mr. Nightingale,

    I apologize for leaving this request on your blog because I could not find any other contact method.

    I would like to introduce myself as a graduate research assistant at
    the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason
    University. In recent years, CHNM successfully produced several online
    historical collections, such as The September 11 Digital Archive
    ( and the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank

    Along these same lines, CHNM started the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank
    containing stories from the developers and users of Mozilla products.
    We are currently interviewing some of the lead members, former and
    present, of the Mozilla community.

    Given your involvement with Mozilla, we think your story would be an
    excellent addition to the archive and would like to request an
    interview at your convenience through Skype, instant messenger, or
    email. I have included below the first three interview questions to
    provide a sense of the process. For examples of completed interviews,
    please visit the Interviews section on the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank

    Please email me if you would be willing to record
    your perspectives on the Mozilla community and its products. Thank you
    for your consideration!

    Giny Cheong

    Interview Questions:

    When did you begin using computers? How did you get interested in computers?

    What is your education background? Have you had formal computer training?

    What’s the first programming project you remember working on?

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