Blatant Self-Promotion

PeacockThe Society of Technical Communication has published my latest article in the June edition of Intercom. I wrote it back at IBM, with my coworker Rick Goldberg, and it’s a pretty short piece, but because of the timing of submission and my job change, it’s the first article in print that identifies me as a Mozilla employee. Which is sort of cool.

As a happy coincidence, it happens to be one of the articles they chose for free online distribution, so you can get a full copy of the text in PDF format, if you’re interested.

Kicking and Screaming: Modernizing Today’s Help Systems

Please note, we had no role in choosing the photo to accompany the article. What’s the deal there? Two small CRTs, and a television? With an optical wheel mouse? Aroo?

Also, while trumpeting, I wanted to mention to anyone visiting OSCON 2007 that I (or a person with a similar, but misspelled version of my name) will be giving a talk on Wednesday the 25th about Security UI in general, and Firefox 3 security UI in particular. It would be really keen if I had an audience! Astute readers will note that phrases like “rogues’ gallery” are outside of my normal lexicon. The description was written by Gerv who, in addition to being British and using phrases like “spend the readies” as though they have semantic content, was going to give the talk before I showed up, but graciously bowed out so that I could sink or swim on my own two feet, as it were.

[Photo Courtesy of Billy Brown]

4 thoughts on “Blatant Self-Promotion

  1. Allow me to further add to your feather plumping. Kudos! Good luck on the 25th.
    On a side note, I find it interesting that you chose a predominantly big “Blue” picture for this posting.

  2. I was wondering why “My Photo” was used here without permission?? Please respond. Thank You!!

  3. Hi Billy,

    It’s a great shot! I generally like to bracket my blog posts with appropriate graphics, and my usual process for doing so is to find photos which have been CC-licensed under a ShareAlike Attribution license. Flickr recommends that the standard way to give such attribution is by linking back to the flickr page for the photo, so that the photographer can be contacted, and so that their other work can be seen by anyone interested.

    Your shot currently presents as a CC-licensed SA photo, but if you’d rather I switch to someone else’s shot, I can do that, just let me know.

    In either case, like I say, great shot.

  4. No, I do not have a problem with the shot being used. I apologize if I came across rude. I just am used to people writing to ask or let me know it is being used somewhere. I am honored that it is used and I was not aware that you could click on the pic and go to my page. If possible, could you put my name under picture as credit?? Thanks!!

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