The W3C, Dublin, and Incidental Beauty

Image #1 of the cabled roofBeltzner and I are sitting in the departures lounge, drinking preparatory Guinness before our flight to Dublin, for the w3c Web Security Context workgroup sessions this week.  The group is trying to put together a set of recommendations for web browsers to implement, so that we all have the same conversations with users about security.  This is preferable to the alternative which, historically, has been some combination of gross balkanization on anything new, and lowest-common-denominator (ref: padlock) on anything old.
Unsurprisingly, I’ve proposed Larry – an identity indicator in the primary UI – as a candidate recommendation, but others concern themselves with favicons, EV certificates, and “safe mode”  web browsing.  You can see the full list on the WSC wiki, here.

We’re also hoping, somewhere along the way, to visit the storehouse.

Anyhow.  Among all of this trip prep and security talk and bugmail, I looked up from my laptop in the lounge.  As you can see, we’re right at the edge of the terminal and, as such, have a unique view of the architecture holding the whole thing up.  This massive building, with its gently curved, elevated roof, is held up by these beautiful legs-on-cables.  It’s hard to describe, but luckily, beltzner had a cellphone camera.

Image #2 of the cabled roof

Call me a Make: magazine writer if you must, or chalk it up to the Guinness, but there’s beauty in that roof, and I’d like to shake the architect’s hand.

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