Frognal Cockfosters

sleepyWe’re nearly halfway through our trip to London, and thus far it has exceeded my expectations. Last time I was in London for less than 8 hours, and I knew I wanted to see more. Now that I’m here, the feeling is only stronger – I could live here quite happily (not that I’m planning to move in the near future.)

Things I will remember for a long time:

  • St. James Park & Trafalgar Square – Epitomes of public space
  • The tailors on Jermyn Street
  • Crivelli and Rubens at the National Gallery
  • The shocking splendour of Westminster
  • Standing on the spot where 4 centuries of kings and queens have been crowned, with Newton to my left, and Chaucer to my right.

It’s a wonderful city, and through and through extremely civilised in a way that is sort of difficult to describe. Tomorrow is a day of shopping: Oxford Street, Harrod’s, M&S, and maybe back down Jermyn street. With luck, there will be time left over for the Waterstone’s on Piccadilly, Europe’s largest bookstore. The next day we hope to give over entirely to the British museum.

In the meantime, we are absolutely bushed. We’ve walked everywhere thus far, not for cheapness (though London is an expensive city,) but for the sheer proximity of it all. Imagine half your world, half the things you’ve heard about growing up, street names, famous buildings, etc. being within a 15 minute walk.

We’ve taken plenty of pictures, and while I have (evidently) brought my laptop along for the trip you’ll notice, if you pay close attention, that I have left my camera cable at home. Hence no pictures for you, the reader, save this one up top, taken moments ago, which nicely sums things up.

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