Getting the Band Back Together

Internet UserSo it turns out that Mozilla, having been an open source project before it was a foundation, let alone a corporation, has a pretty heavy IRC presence. IRC is (reasonably) universal, (reasonably) democratic, and (usually) free, so it’s a natural fit.

But several of the people who read this blog, and you know who you are, will recall that even before Mozilla existed, there was an IRC presence of a different sort in #42. I acknowledge that I wasn’t there from the very beginning, but I was there when people like Lemmyn and AuntieMae were still around, I was there before we left QNet, and without meaning to upset anyone, I will remind you all that this stuff was happening > 10 years ago. Heck, this page is 7 years old, and that was very late in the game.

But I digress. The point is this: I am, by virtue of my newfound employment, and indeed have been for some time, a perpetual resident of And wouldn’t you know it, my mIRC install still wants to auto-connect to #42 wherever I go. I’m the only one there at the moment, of course. But that could change.

I remember when Heather and Linds tried several years ago to get things up and running again, and I think it mostly fizzled out because people had forgotten how to have a conversation that way, and besides which, you couldn’t really count on anyone actually being there. Well I may be idle, or I may be otherwise occupied, and I may be uninteresting even when I am present, but I can offer some reasonable level of assurance that for a high percentage of the next several years, I will be lurking in #42.

You could come join me, if you wanted to.

And of course, if you happened to have some code, writing, bugs, or ideas to contribute to Mozilla’s various projects while you were there – well everything would just be that much more convenient, wouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Getting the Band Back Together

  1. I’m there! I was getting nostalgic about this years ago… I might have even been in on the attempted renaissance you mentioned. Anyhoo, see you on #42!

    Hey. That’s catchy!

  2. I’m there too…I will have to go find an IRC chat thingie but I’ll be there. And now that I no longer attend snotty christian schools I WON’T need you and rick to make up a workaround to get around the firewall. grin So nostalgic about #42. Good times.

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