Signs of Life

It is customary to begin posts of this ilk with a quasi-humourous apology & disclaimer, but you, my readership, are all far too busy to dwell on the reasons for my 47-day absence. Nevertheless, if only to slake your curiousity, please feel invited to select from the following:

  1. When people decide to have you redesign a product with a 6-figure license, per cpu, you find yourself suddenly rather busy.
  2. When starting a different blog, however domain-specific,
    you find yourself suddenly out of things to post.
  3. When, simultaneously, you start a couple writing projects at work, you tend to find your writing jones otherwise occupied, and lose the ability to write words good.

I work too much, I’m a drunk, and I’m cheating on you at the office.

But I swear baby, it’ll be different this time.

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