Techno-Bumpkin Convergence

Because I seem to know an awful lot of cross-stichers, and because I frequently taunt them with accusations of being extremely slow versions of a CRT[?], I offer this linkage to express my undying love for the work they do, and appreciation for the patience they demonstrate in the face of my withering criticism:

Cross Stitch Pattern Generator That (Mostly) Doesn’t Suck

One thing it probably can’t do well, with any random image you decide to throw at it, is decide on how to blend the thing into the background colour of your fabric, so I’m guessing the best results can be had by doing that yourself ahead of time in photoshop or some-such.

I made a gollum, because it was one of the only small gifs I had lying around. But then I looked around a little more and made a duck as well. I predict stitchers won’t like the duck though. There’s rather a lot of “light beige.”

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