They took the baby duck

  • 1 digital camera
  • 8 bottles of wine
  • 1 XBox + Fable
  • 1 SOG Multi-tool
  • $40 Cash

That’s what they stole.

The police have been and gone, the insurance company has been notified, we’re waiting right now on the emergency contracting service to see who they have to wake up to come fix our door so that it closes properly again.

Amy and I are fine.

When I came back from the mailbox, Amy was standing on the driveway. She had gone to unlock the door when it swung free, and she noticed the striker plate for the deadbolt was broken. She did the smart thing, she backed away. Told me what was up, I took one look and brought her back to the car. Called 911 – Someone’s broken into our house, there are lights on, we’d appreciate it if you could send a cruiser around before we wander in.

Two cruisers, two officers. They checked the place out while we stood in the driveway and shivered. They called us in – house definitely broken into. The punks didn’t trash the place, and they don’t have taste – they left the Henckels, and those babies are Pro S. They were brats looking for easy loot, they didn’t even take the gamecube, which I interpret as signalling a lack of culture. They sure as hell didn’t take books.

Cops took the coin jar they emptied and the glasses they would have moved in order to get the wine. They’ll print those, and while I don’t expect them to start lining up high school students and running a manhunt, I do suspect that these dumbasses will do it again, and get caught, and get printed, and suddenly be facing our report as well.

Well lookee here, the contractors are on their way (bless you, Howard) and I just found my multi-tool after all, so things are looking up. Well, less down.

Fall 2005 man, what did we ever do to you?

2 thoughts on “They took the baby duck

  1. I didn’t know about any of that! I’m glad that you guys and the house are okay. What a crappy couple of months! Oh well, you’re due for muchos good karma… maybe in the form of Christmas presents?

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