Free SkypeOut to 1-800s

Quick note to any of my Skypin’ peeps who might not have caught the word. Even if you don’t pay for SkypeOut and never plan to, you can now use skype to call (almost) any 1-800 style toll-free number. This has not only interesting implications on its own, but when combined with the fact that 1-800-FREE411 will look up, and connect you to, any US resident or company for free, it means that skype users can call anyone in the US, even if their target doesn’t have skype.

Share Skype – Free calls to toll-free phone numbers global beta

[PS – If you are in the “What’s Skype?” camp, go here:]

2 thoughts on “Free SkypeOut to 1-800s

  1. Hi Johnath42

    I am in Bankok right now tomorrow at the Bridge on the River Kwai. I have skype availiable occasionally when I get into a wifi zone.
    Of course the fact that right now it is 2:21pm and at your place it is 3:21am does make for some communications difficulties.
    I did put you on my contact list my “Skype” is drcale (again just to make some think that I have an advanced degree)
    Anywho if you could put me on your acceptible to receive a call from list (assuming that I am… well uhh.. you know… acceptible) you just might get a call from Thailand or Vietnam or Egypt. I get back Nov 26 and I have been travelling and photographing for 2.2 weeks now

    Otherwise email me at

    chak dee

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