R.I.P. Ferocus I

The 2001 Ford Focus is equipped with a range of security features including front and rear crumple zones.

Crumple Zones

This is rarely relevant in day to day affairs, but becomes just outrageously relevant when you get mowed into by one of these.

24ft Ryder Truck

Amy and I are fine. Stiff, accidents tend to do that to you, and we may or may not end up with seatbelt bruises. Basically fine. The car, on the other hand, has been described variously as totalled, wrecked, and my favourite: write-off. Witness:

Wrecked Focus
Wrecked Focus
Wrecked Focus

So much like when we bought the Focus, we are in “must buy a car immediately” mode, which is undesirable, but on the other hand, we have our limbs and skulls attached so really everything else is secondary. Because of the high kms, we’re not expecting much – probably in the $6-8k range but I guess we’ll see.

The focus was amazing – totalled, but the cabin was undisturbed, and we were safe. There was glass everywhere of course, but just the safe break-away crumble. Other than that though, it did exactly what it should do when a ton of bricks runs into your ass – it absorbed the impact, and gave its life for ours. Even my laptop in the trunk managed to survive (can’t kill a thinkpad). Check out our seats:

Focus Seats
Focus Seats

The cops and tow drivers were quite impressed. Apparently the seats are always supposed to do that — absorb the shock, and angle you away from the sides of the car by buckling inward, but they almost never see them like that. Someone said something about “must have been hit hard.” Yeah. Hard is a word for it.

Crunchy Focus Logo

[Amy’s version]

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Ferocus I

  1. Man… you were definitely hit hard. You might get more than you think… I was offered $4200 for my 97 taurus with 180 000 km on it. Since the ’06s are out now, you also might be able to get a really good deal on an ’05.

    Glad you two are ok.

  2. Yikes.
    So YOU were the one holding up traffic on the 410 this morning! 😉

    So very sorry to hear that this happened to you. I remember just how incredibly sucky it was to be in a totalled-car accident.

    If either of you have any whiplash or lasting pain, I can recommend a really good place to get physiotherapy. (but I hope you don’t need that)

    When we popped my little Turtle, I got way more for it than I ever expected. State Farm gave us the repurchase price of the same vehicle – they scouted out Tercels with similar milage and age and gave us the median of what they were priced at. We ended up getting about $12K for it, which was a heck of a lot more than we expected to get. If you’re with State Farm, or another insurance company who does the same thing, you’ll do alright.

    Once again, sorry that this had to happen, and I’m really glad you’re alright.

  3. massive (yet careful) me-hugs I’m so glad you are both okay. I showed the pics to Josh, he said “dang! the truck tore it up.” He is impressed at the crumplization of your ex-car.

  4. Sorry bout what happened good thing you guys are alright. I have a Ford Focus and my younger brother wrecked it. I was just wandering what you guys are doing with the wrecked car. I am looking for a wrecked car like yours to buy. If you could get back to me that would be great.

  5. I’ve heard that the Ford Focus is not a very safe car overall in terms of crashes, but if you survived getting creamed by a moving truck, I guess the Focus isn’t so bad after all…I’m glad you’re okay!

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