Beautiful Agony vid mashup

If you don’t know beautiful agony, or if you know it and don’t like it, then maybe you won’t like this link. I have been a fan for some time though. The site is a fantastic message, and the kind of really amazing thing the internet can bring together so effortlessly and so powerfully.

May be NSFW. [?]

Video mashup of beautiful agony vids

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Agony vid mashup

  1. I LOVE these videos. For you guys, they have bunch on YouTube. So, head there. Look up, “Beautiful Agony”

    You have to have a membership to YouTube.

    I want to do a Beautiful Agony clip. =D

  2. These are great and they are SFW (I hope), it is like watching a rated PG porn. I know what I am going to do when I get home from work ;O

  3. The faces of women in the throes of ecstasy dramatically expresses the intense experience they are having.
    By openly exposing her passions, other women can join in her excitement. I get goosebumps every time I relate to these provacative women. What a thrill ride! The only thing better would be a full body view that reveals the technique she uses to produce her “beautiful agony.” Thats when I join up and get serious. Thank you for your fabulous website. Linda

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