Aug 06

Kung Fu Monkey

Two brainless linkage posts in a row, with very little value add, is not, I think, what my readers have come to expect of me. For that I apologize. On a day with more sleep, I will endeavour to be significantly more magniloquent, but for now please rest assured that the kung fu monkey expresses my own sentiments quite aptly.

Wait, aren’t you scared?

Aug 06

9/11 NORAD Tapes

It’s relatively long, quite well written, and inescapably sad; but it’s also very human.

It is 12 minutes after United 93 actually crashed when NEADS’s Watson first hears the word. Her voice is initially full of hope as she mistakenly believes she is being told that United 93 has landed safely.

10:15:00WATSON: United nine three, have you got information on that yet?

WASHINGTON CENTER: Yeah, he’s down.

WATSON: What—he’s down?


WATSON: When did he land? Because we have confirmation—

WASHINGTON CENTER: He did—he did—he did not land.

Here, on the tape, you hear the air rush out of Watson’s voice.

WATSON: Oh, he’s down down?

MALE VOICE: Yes. Yeah, somewhere up northeast of Camp David.

WATSON: Northeast of Camp David.

WASHINGTON CENTER: That’s the—that’s the last report. They don’t know exactly where.

Vanity Fair Article about the NORAD response on 9/11.

Jul 06

Photo Linkage

Claws!Everyone with a soul needs to go look at this flickr pool. So many great shots.

Animal Kingdom: flickr pool

[Photo credit: dotpolka]

Jun 06

Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key

I’m not sure which part I find more interesting. The article itself:

“Assassination in the United States: An Operational Study of Recent Assassins, Attackers, and Near-Lethal Approachers”

Or the fact that after reading the abstract, I said to myself, “Oh. I’ve already read this.”

Jun 06

God Bless The Internet

King of the World

The internet never forgets. It’s like a giant fiberoptic elephant in an infinite temporal archive made of peanut butter. This can be a bummer if you’re Sanford Wallace or Bernard Shifman but on balance the creation of a broadly democratized, high availability, modern day Library of Alexandria is probably worth a little embarassment. And it never forgets.

It never forgets, for instance, that I have a couple of websites older than this fine, upstanding blog. And I haven’t even linked to the really old ones findable only in archive.org. Silly websites, serious websites, why, even The Coming Revolution is still up, in all it’s crusty glory. For your reference:

[root@lubis html]# ls -l revolution.html
-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nobody 17445 Jun 23 2002 revolution.html
[root@lubis html]#

4 years crusty. But this is the internet. So it is with less surprise than you might imagine, that I occasionally receive email about this, or other pages. This one came in earlier today:

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Jan 06

Please No Shopping Carts Inside The Restaurant

For those who, according to the BS pop-psych uncalibrated self-tests they had everyone do in 1987, are “visual learners,” or “greens,” or “type IIIs,” or “QNTZs,” or “hippies,” I have finally put something in my flickr account, and provided suitable linkage herefrom. May I present then, without further pomp or ado,

Photos That Please Me – a photoset on Flickr

I believe I was the photographer on every one in which I am not a subject, so hefty derivative cheques come hither. It should be noted that this reexamination of old pictures was greatly facilitated by Picasa2, which you should all go download.

Jan 06

Political Hermitage

I am an avid political junkie, and I don’t think it will surprise any friends of mine who read this blog to know it. On the other hand, to look at this blog, or indeed it’s former incarnations, a Martian would have little cause to suspect as much, since I don’t frequently comment on it. If this seems a puzzling contradiction to you, let me offer a third point which I think serves to unify the others quite nicely: I don’t want to be a shrill, hyperbolic, apologist sack of regurgitated talking points.

That last “value” (which has become, most unfortunately, in the current Canadian political discourse of all parties, a sort of empty pronoun for “policy” or “soundbite” or “sentence.” A tax cut is not a value. “Stephen Harper is the devil” is not a value either. Values inform policy, and direct it, but they are not the same thing.) makes political discussions difficult because the truth is that most people who talk about politics, even though they agree with me that that is a horrible thing to become and certainly they would never descend to that, become shrill, hyperbolic, apologist sacks of regurgitated talking points.
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Jan 06

Techno-Bumpkin Convergence

Because I seem to know an awful lot of cross-stichers, and because I frequently taunt them with accusations of being extremely slow versions of a CRT[?], I offer this linkage to express my undying love for the work they do, and appreciation for the patience they demonstrate in the face of my withering criticism:

Cross Stitch Pattern Generator That (Mostly) Doesn’t Suck

One thing it probably can’t do well, with any random image you decide to throw at it, is decide on how to blend the thing into the background colour of your fabric, so I’m guessing the best results can be had by doing that yourself ahead of time in photoshop or some-such.

I made a gollum, because it was one of the only small gifs I had lying around. But then I looked around a little more and made a duck as well. I predict stitchers won’t like the duck though. There’s rather a lot of “light beige.”