What happens when your job is also a hobby?

I took a vacation day yesterday, since I had a bunch of appointments piling up, and figured it would be best to just blitz.  In the evening, I was sort of fiddling around, and built this:

PDB v1

It’s probably only interesting to people who find performance monitoring interesting, but I like having it around, even in its very rough condition.  I would love to include the Talos graphs in there, since Talos data is a lot more relevant than the oldschool tests, particularly around pageload.  Nevertheless, it beats clicking a hundred different links off the tinderbox waterfall, and it was a fun excuse to play with a tiny bit of jQuery too.

Johnath’s Performance Dashboard – Trunk

[PS – NSID Day 12 – pretty damned shaggy.  Itch might be subsiding though!]


  1. You mean the itch goes away after a while?! There’s hope? I have been considering shaving because it’s so darn itchy!

    (Side note: Your Google ads are for “Skin Rash Treatment” and “Skin Rash Pictures”. Fascinating.)

  2. Much better than clicking links from Tinderbox! The x axis labels (dates) are a bit squished, though.

  3. Neat. However, seeing those graphs makes me cringe. This is where we need SVG graphs, with embedded links to bonsai queries to figure out changes, etc. Time for another vacation day, methinks.

  4. @DAscher – We have those too, for the newer, talos metrics. Unfortunately, they are harder to embed into my little dashboard. We’ll get there, though; Vlad is on the case.

  5. Your CSS doesn’t scale well for smaller screens – your browser window needs to be ~1138 pixels wide to truly appreciate your page. Try .instance { min-width: 30%; } instead?

  6. @Neil – I think I will, thanks!

  7. […] Way back when, (almost exactly a year ago, actually) I built a dashboard for getting at-a-glance views of our performance metrics, to make it easier to spot regressions and assess the state of the tree. […]