There goes that analogy?

So Medeco Locks, often cited as the unpickable-in-practice lock, can be picked.  Not just picked, bump keyed.  I guess that’s sad if you’re Medeco, though I suspect that in their heart of hearts, they know as well as I do that lockpicking thieves are rarely the high-probability threat.

I don’t know if there are vendors out there calling their solution the “Medeco of internet security” but I suppose they’ll want to stop, if so.  The nice thing, though, is that the whole fracas is a delicious example of General Security Maxim #6:

If your product is unbreakable, you are wrong.  Also, here comes the breaking.

If you suffer from this tendency to overstate security claims, I’ve created a motivational poster to help you remember.

(Thank you johpan for the ostrich, and flickr toys for the insta-motivate.)


  1. Just came to mind…

    If you think your design is one size fits all, you are wrong.
    Also, here comes the resizing.

  2. Robert, that’s not necessarily true. I own several pairs of socks advertised as sizes 5 to 11 (UK); my feet are size 13 and the socks fit nicely.

    There’s a lesson in there somewhere.